Sep 16

09/22/2016 – ITmems MCP (hand)book

A new step-by-step guide to introduce the use of the MCP is now available in the product page. Have a...

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Aug 16

07/28/2016 – ITmems & Peak Science agreement for MCP distribution in China

ITmems is glad to announce that an agreement with Peak Science  has been signed for MCP distribution in China. Contact...

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Jan 16

01/18/2016 – ITmems @ Inertial Sensors 2016

The continuous joint research between ITmems and academia towards fast, accurate and reliable instrumentation for Q factor estimation in inertial...

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Jun 15

06/02/2015 – New website online

ITmems staff is glad to announce the company new website! Redesigned and optimized, it includes the updated list of our...

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Apr 15

04/01/2015 – The MCP at UC Irvine MicroSystems Lab

The MEMS Characterization Platform (MCP) will serve one of the most advanced research group on Micro-electro-mechanical systems, the UC Irvine...

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Mar 15

03/09/2015 – ITmems awarded at “Start up for Expo”

ITmems s.r.l. was awarded at "Start-up for EXPO" as a part of industrial innovation program sponsored by EXPO 2015.

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Nov 14

11/12/2014 – ITmems sponsor at IEEE MEMS2015

ITmems is proud to announce its sponsorship at the best international conference on microsystems: MEMS 2015.

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Aug 14

08/30/2014 – ITmems sponsor at Eurosensors 2014

ITmems will be presenting for the first time its disrupting instrument for micro-electro-mechanical characterization, the MCP, at the international conference...

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